* Kevin J. McCarthy <ke...@8t8.us> [2016-10-08 06:07]:
> On Sat, Oct 08, 2016 at 02:46:42AM +0200, Peter P. wrote:
> > Interesting! man muttrc tells me that the default for crypt_use_gpgme is no.
> Yes, but I believe they changed the system muttrc to enable it (likely
> in /etc/Muttrc.d/gpg.rc.  Your own muttrc is read afterwards and so can
> override that setting.
> > Nevertheless when I
> >     unset crypt_use_gpgme
> > or
> >     set unset crypt_use_gpgme=no
> > the problem remains.
> Which problem are you speaking of?  This will not magically allow you to
> read emails encrypted in the recent past using gpgme (that therefore
> were not also encrypted to you).  It should make emails sent henceforth
> be encrypted to you again.
> > How could I debug this further?
> Well, first I am assuming that this is a recent change in behavior, and
> that prior to the mutt upgrade in Debian you had no trouble reading your
> encrypted emails sent to others.
> You might check that those older sent emails are still readable by you.
> To make sure the option is off, type
>   :set ?crypt_use_gpgme
> and mutt should echo back 'crypt_use_gpgme is unset'
Amazing idea, thank you! It made me find out that I had another line of 
        set crypt_use_gpgme=yes
sneaked into my local mutt_gpg.rc by the debian maintainers. Removing
that made mutt use its old pgp_ commands and the self-encryption works
Thanks Kevin!

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