On Sun, Aug 06, 2017 at 10:11:44PM +0800, JiaZhouyang wrote:
> I'm new to Mutt, I analyzed the source code and found a potential bug that 
> may cause crash.
> In mutt-1.8.3/pager.c:1737:4, if "regcomp” failed, "regexec" would cause a 
> crash since "SearchRE" is null.
> I think it's unsafe to assume that the library function would be correct. It 
> would be better if we could handle the error properly.
> Attached please find the patch against version mutt-1.8.3. Hopefully, it can 
> solve this potential bug.

Thank you for the patch Zhouyang!

In the future, please send patches like this to the mutt-dev mailing
list instead.  I will apply and push your patch up later today.


Kevin J. McCarthy
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