kalle wrote:
> hello,
> In the manual v.1.9.2, chapter "2.1 Index" it says
> "The index is the screen that you usually see first when you start Mutt. 
> It gives an overview over your emails in the currently opened mailbox."
> The problem is: there are no mails to see, because there is no mailbox 
> of mine open and I don't know how to do this.
> It is the third time already that I try to learn mutt but having no 
> mails to start with, not knowing what is meant by a 'mailbox' and how to 
> administrate it, even when reading in the newbie manual not getting to a 
> point.
> I usually use thunderbird and thus already have some experience with 
> e-mail, but what I got from trying to learn mutt is just depressing for me.

  sorry for your troubles and frustration, but there are
things we'd need to know to help you further.

  what type of set up do you have?  how are you
running mutt?

  do you get your mail through your ISP or through
some other provider?

  in my case i run linux and use mutt from a terminal
aka text type screen.

  to get my e-mail from the remote place where it is
stored for me i have to use a program which goes and
gets it and puts it on my local machine for my own

  to send e-mail i also had to configure mutt to do
that too.

  it can take some time to get through the various
steps but some tools can help there.

  the debug option when running mutt is one of them.


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