On Thu, Mar 08, 2018 at 09:42:02AM +1100, Brian Salter-Duke wrote:
> Is there a recent version of muttprint? After an upgrade of Ubuntu to 17.10, I
> get this error:-
> $* is no longer supported. Its use will be fatal in Perl 5.30 at 
> ./bin/muttprint line 1649.
> String found where operator expected at ./bin/muttprint line 1693, near "if 
> ($_[0] eq ""
> Global symbol "$text" requires explicit package name (did you forget to 
> declare "my $text"?) at ./bin/muttprint line 1650.

Found this on my perl manual (perldoc perlvar):
   $* was a variable that you could use to enable multiline matching.
   After a deprecation cycle, its magic was removed in Perl v5.10.0.
   Using it now triggers a warning: "$* is no longer supported". You
   should use the "/s" and "/m" regexp modifiers instead.
   Deprecated in Perl 5.
   Removed in Perl v5.10.0.


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