On (13/03/18 09:58), Kevin J. McCarthy <ke...@8t8.us> put forth the proposition:
On Tue, Mar 13, 2018 at 02:20:19PM +0000, David Woodfall wrote:
I have a couple of binds to change charset between UTF-8/ISO-8859-1.
The problem is that I need to exit from the pager and then reopen the
message to see the changes, so I added those commands to the macro,
which works fine.

However, this doesn't work in the index, so is there a way to redraw
the screen after a charset change? I don't see anything in the manual
about it.

I think the mailbox may need to be reopened for mutt to reprocess the
headers, because they are stored in memory.

In version 1.8.0 and higher, the <mark-message> function can be used to
save your place, and the value in $mark_macro_prefix to restore it:
 macro index ,r "<mark-message>a<enter><change-folder>^<enter>'a"

That does sound like the way. I'll upgrade. Thanks.

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