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On Mon, Apr 09, 2018 at 05:04:15PM +0100, David Woodfall wrote:
I'm having problems with some messages that use wide glyphs,
especially mail from Ebay (even though I have chosen plain text

I think that I am experiencing something similar, but in my case
rendering errors generate what appears to be an unexpected linebreak or
similar. This will throw the whole screen off until I do a manual
redraw. Using mutt in gnu screen in urxvt. Not sure if it's related, but
it happens with the same character sets you describe.

Yes, I just tested without screen and it's fine in urxvt and
xfce4-term. Going to move this to the screen bugzilla.

Actually though, in vim + screen it is fine. It just seems to be a
combination of screen + mutt for some reason.


OK. It looks like there's a difference between what mutt is defining
for wide chars than screen.

Here is the screen commit that broke it for mutt:


It just updates the wide glyph table.

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