My ~/Mail is a local maildir mailbox, and I have quite a few
folder-hooks, some to set different 'from' and 'sendmail' to send via
various smtp servers and addresses and some set other properties:

folder-hook .* source ~/.mutt/default
folder-hook =Lists/* source ~/.mutt/listhook
folder-hook =Google source ~/.mutt/google
folder-hook =Yahoo source ~/.mutt/yahoo
folder-hook =Paypal|Sent|Ebay|Trash|Shops|Slackware set sort=date

There are around 12 custom hooks in all. Because I was having
problems, I also added them without the = too to see if would help.

After a while though I find that settings aren't being applied and I
can't seem to find any clues why.

Is it the .* that's messing up the others? They seem to work fine for
a while, even with that.

If there are better ways to do this I'd be glad for any ideas.



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