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David J. J. Ring, Jr. <n...@arrl.net> put forth the proposition:
> Hello,
> I am really happy except for one little thing.
> I found out how to get mutt working inside emacs / emacspeak.
> The only problem is that I cannot press q to quit, I have to quit emacs 
> instead by using Control C Control X (emacs C-c C-x)
> I'll go to the emacspeak list or emacs list but I thought I'd ask here first.
> I'll paste my .emacs file below if anyone is interested in this.
> If I wasted your time, I beg forgiveness, I am just so happy that I have mutt 
> talking to me inside emacs!
> But does anyone know how I can exit gracefully?
> I run emacs and press Shift-F2 and mutt runs!
> Regards,
> David

You ought to be able to bind an unused key in ~/.muttrc to quit or

While in the pager and/or other places, press '?' to bring up the
help menu that shows which keys are bound to commands.

If you find something empty that is OK to use in emacs, you can bind
it to quit or exit, e.g.:

bind pager,index,attach          z exit
bind pager,index                 Z quit

Hope that helps.


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