On 2019-06-30 17:23, Frank Watt wrote:

> Well, yes, I'm more than a bit confused. I've been using procmail but
> I've been persuaded that dropmail is to be preferred.  Now it makes
> sense that it is not fetchmail my question is about.


> So does that mean I don't have to be concerned about lock settings
> when it's only a single user system?

You need to find out what the program is which in fact modifies your
mailbox to append new emails.  Is it procmail, dropmail or what?  This
information could be in the config file for fetchmail or getmail,
depending on which of the latter pair you use.  Or, these could be set
up to push messages over SMTP (or LMTP), and then you have to look at
the config for whatever is on the other side or the protocol - maybe a
MTA like sendmail, maybe something like dovecot.

Sorry - I didn't invent all this complexity :-P

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