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> Hi,
> I'm using mutt v.1.12.0 on freebsd-current with gpgme. In my config, mutt will
> verify clearsigned gpg sigs if the public key is on the gpg keyring.
> But if the key is unknown, mutt will say the key is unknown, and this is
> normal and expected.
> What I want to happen is, if the key is unknown i'd like mutt to prompt
> something like "get key y/n" or even automatically fetch the key and add
> it to the keyring if the public key is valid.

You can do this by configuring gnupg itself to do it.  You need to
tell gnupg what key server to use (you probably already did that), and
then you need to add the option auto-key-retrieve in gnupg.conf.

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