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On Sat, Jun 15, 2019 at 09:49:34AM +1000, Cameron Simpson wrote:
Maybe beef up the limit? Untested:

 folder-hook fa-ml 'push <limit>!~l | ~f discou...@haskell.org<enter>'

Indeed that is a simple and sensible solution. I post the actual pattern
I used here, for future reference:

folder-hook fa-ml 'push "<delete-pattern>~r>1m!(~F)(~l | ~f discourse)<enter>"'

I'm glad it was helpful.

It occurs to me now that if you want greater precision than:

 ! ~f discourse

you could make an address group and go:

 ! ~f %discourse

and maintain a small alias group thus:

 alias -group discourse discourse \
   Haskell Discourse List <discou...@haskell.org>, \
   Some Other Discourse List <discou...@other.example.ocom>

I find groups quite handy, for example tuning for HTML vs plain text:

 # prefer plain text
 message-hook . 'unalternative_order *; alternative_order text/plain text/html'
 # senders who can't seem to master multipart/mixed, and send empty
 # or useless text/plain sections
 # or just badly badly formatted plain text, such as live.com etc
 message-hook '%f htmlers | ~f @no-re...@cc.yahoo-inc.com | ~f @outlook.com | 
~f live.com | ~f @facebookmail.com' 'unalternative_order *; alternative_order 
text/html text/plain'

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