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I have not used mutt in a while, but I used to, and loved it. I am trying to see if mutt can be setup to read outlook, gmail, hotmail, yahoo, etc., webmail mail services. The reason why I say "web-services" it's because I am behind a firewall, and I can cheat the system to get webmail, but not to get pop or smtp services. Thoughts? Thanks.

Not really. Mutt has no web browsing facility, and even if it did all these services just render arbitrary HTML on a web page - there's no consistency; worse, most of it requires javascript.

However, almost all of these offer POP or IMAP support.

If you can get HTTPS through your firewall (assuming so since you can access a web mail interface) and you have an outside machine which accepts ssh connections, you could tunnel an ssh connection over HTTPS either directly using port 443 or indirectly through a proxy using ssh's CONNECT tunnel support. You can use that to either (a) just run mutt on the outside machine and connect to the services from there or (b) do port forwards over the ssh connection to each service's POP/IMAP facility, and run mutt locally connected to the local end of the port forward.

Note that any fiddling like this may be in violation of your employment contract (by, apparently, violating the security policy the firewall is trying to implement), and you must make your own decision about whether this is forbidden or unwelcome or irrelevant.

You may generally be better choosing to run mutt on the external machine. It is less fiddly because you can use POP/IMAP directly from there instead of arranging port forwards, and it also keeps your activity entirely outside the workplace. Of course, even connecting to the outside machine may violate some policy, and you're back in "is that relevant" territory.

But it makes for a much cleaner separation of work data from personal data, and that is worthwhile regardless.

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