On Wed, Jul 24, 2019 at 07:06:52AM +0000, Ryan Smith wrote:
> By default, mutt uses local or computer time zone in outgoing email full 
> header, Date section.
> How to force mutt to use UTC as time zone in all outgoing email headers?

For what it's worth, this is probably mostly pointless.  There's a
very good chance the remote end will use the user's local time zone to
display the date regardless of what you do on your end. As long as the
time that's sent is accurate, the user will see something sensible
when they view your message, and you largely can't control what that is.
That said, it can be done...

Set your TZ environment variable to UTC.  If you don't want all of
your programs to use UTC, but only Mutt, there are a few ways you
could accomplish this.

1. On the command line, when you start mutt:

  $ TZ=UTC mutt

2. Create a shell script that sets the timezone and starts mutt:

  $ cat Mutt.sh
  export TZ=UTC
  exec mutt

  Then use the shell script to start mutt instead of starting it

3. Edit the mutt source code to set the TZ environment variable during
   initialization (but really, don't do that)...


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