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1. When composing messages, mutt ask To: or recipient adress and Subject: and then go to editor. How to make mutt ask for From: or sender address only and then go to editor?

Mutt doesn't have an option for that. Custom From headers can be controlled by folder-hook, reply-hook, send-hook, or even macros; typically via setting my_hdr. $edit_headers is also useful.

See <http://www.mutt.org/doc/manual/#compose-flow> for a (somewhat terse) overview of message composition.

2. In PGP, mutt has crypt_opportunistic_encrypt to select keys based on To: address to the recipient. But PGP also need From: address or sender's key to encrypt messages

Encrypting to self is controlled by $pgp_self_encrypt and $pgp_default_key.

, sign messages

The signing key is also controlled by $pgp_default_key, and can be overridden by $pgp_sign_as or the compose <pgp-menu> "sign (a)s" option.

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