I have very recently switched back to mutt. My 1st question is -
is the preferred way to get imap emails in the mutt inbox. 12 years back
I used to fetch everything using fetchmail, using POP3. But now I have a
Gmail account and Gmail is mostly optimised for IMAP usage. IMAP works
flawlessly on mobile also. Back then we used POP3 because internet
bandwidth was a big issue.

I read about offlineimap. Tried to use it on my machine. But it stops
fetching email when the system goes into sleep. Without restarting
offlineimap service it doesn't work. And lately it has started giving
errors also while fetching from Gmail.

I tried to configure mutt with imap settings. It is functionally working
fine but each email is separately downloaded when I open it. I have
configured cache so it doesn't happen everytime with the same email. My
2nd question is - is there a way to pre-fetch all the emails in inbox.

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