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> Hi,
> I have very recently switched back to mutt. My 1st question is -
> is the preferred way to get imap emails in the mutt inbox. 12 years back
> I used to fetch everything using fetchmail, using POP3. But now I have a
> Gmail account and Gmail is mostly optimised for IMAP usage. IMAP works
> flawlessly on mobile also. Back then we used POP3 because internet
> bandwidth was a big issue.
> I read about offlineimap. Tried to use it on my machine. But it stops
> fetching email when the system goes into sleep. Without restarting
> offlineimap service it doesn't work. And lately it has started giving
> errors also while fetching from Gmail.
> I tried to configure mutt with imap settings. It is functionally working
> fine but each email is separately downloaded when I open it. I have
> configured cache so it doesn't happen everytime with the same email. My
> 2nd question is - is there a way to pre-fetch all the emails in inbox.

I always use fetchmail and pass the mails locally through
sendmail --> procmail --> SpamAssassin --> /var/mail/guru
                               \---------> /var/mail/spam
to get the SPAM filtered out and to get all my mails to my FreeBSD
laptop. I have *all* my mails since back to 1998 on my local storage.


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