Hello Jude,

It's possible to access gmail and download messages by adding imap
locations and NOT use a mail transport program.  Everything is set up
within the muttrc file.

Burt Henry of the Vinux Wiki.

Mutt vs. Alpine.

Mutt Configuration and Basic Use.

He manages to do this just in muttrc.

Here's the section of muttrc,

##Account Specific Settings
# Change the following six lines to match your Gmail account details
#And Uncomment and edit if YOU DO NOT WANT to USE ENCRYPTED PASSWD.
#And comment out the top section that does the PW encryption.
set imap_user = "gmail_han...@gmail.com"
#set imap_pass = "my_PW"
set smtp_url = "smtp://gmail_han...@smtp.gmail.com:587/"
#set smtp_pass = "my_PW"
set from = "gmail_han...@gmail.com"
set realname = "My Name"

# Change the following line to a different editor you prefer.
set editor = "nano"

## GMail Config
#(most of this should work with other IMAP accounts)
## Basic config, you can leave this as is in most cases
# Not sure if timeout and keepalive value tweaking will help
intermittent connection issues
# (time values are in seconds)
set wait_key = no
set folder = "imaps://imap.gmail.com:993"
set spoolfile = "+INBOX"
set imap_check_subscribed
set hostname = gmail.com
set mail_check = 180
set timeout = 300
# Allow Mutt to open new imap connection automatically.
unset imap_passive
# Keep IMAP connection alive by polling intermittently
set imap_keepalive = 210
set postponed = "+[GMail]/Drafts"
set record = "+[GMail]/Sent Mail"
set header_cache=~/.mutt/cache/headers
set message_cachedir=~/.mutt/cache/bodies
set certificate_file=~/.mutt/certificates
set alias_file=~/.mutt/aliases
set move = no
set include
set sort = 'threads'
set sort_aux = 'reverse-last-date-received'
set auto_tag = yes
## Reminds you of missing subject&unmodified or empty body with msg
sent as default
set abort_nosubject = ask-no
set abort_unmodified = ask-no
ignore "Authentication-Results:"
ignore "DomainKey-Signature:"
ignore "DKIM-Signature:"
hdr_order Date From To Cc
alternative_order text/plain text/html *
auto_view text/html

This is from page:  http://wiki.vinuxproject.org/muttrc

Unfortunately, there are errors in his delightfully easy gpg configuration,
and sometimes he has googlemail instead of gmail and googlemail no longer
works for me in this muttrc.

There is also a more elaborate muttrc file with more features, but maybe
the same errors, I'm going through it step by step and writing down the

Since I have access to the Vinux Wiki I will upload the corrections as soon
as I make sure they are correct.

Best wishes,

David Ring

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> I think I can help there, only thing is mine has the mutt blind-friendly
> options in it.
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