On Thu, Aug 22, 2019 at 08:14:28PM EDT, Tim Chase wrote:
> I'm a bit stuck trying to figure out why colors aren't working for me
> on FreeBSD (where I understand that termcap is used rather than
> terminfo).

According to the configure script it appears all you need for color is
start_color() from ncurses which should be there in the base system.

Can you provide 'mutt -v' output?  Does it have +HAVE_COLOR?

Are you building mutt from source or using ports/pkg? If so can you
provide the output off 'pkg info -f mutt' 

> So the terminal is doing color as expected, but somehow mutt/neomutt
> doesn't seem to recognize that.  Is there some trick that I've missed
> for getting mutt/neomutt to play well with termcap/FreeBSD?

I'm doing nothing special in ports/pkg or from source and colors just
works with macOS Terminal/iTerm2, or cygwin xterm.

Do you get color unknown command when you try to use 'color ...' in a

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