Since I posted this problem, I did a
apt-get update
for other reasons and the tls problem seems to have disappeared.
(So far anyhow)

Tom Fowle WA6IVG

Using mutt 1.5.23 with Debian 8 jessie.
I am getting the following problem while reading messages.

"The TLS socket was improperly terminated.
can not copy messages."

This appears on the screen for only just long enough for my screen reader to
grab it but dissappears before I can copy or check it..

I then have the usual top line menu and a blank screen.

Being simplistic by nature I just exit mutt and restart but all messages
which have been marked for deletion remain in the inbox and unless i have
kept carefull track of the last read message number before the TLS error I
have to trundle through all the previously read messages till I find the
first unmarked message.

This problem is becomming more frequent, often two occurrences in a
hundred message session.

Before I get into just updating mutt and debian as the most likely
resolutions, would like to know if this is a known problem and whether the
mutt or "OS" updates are more likely to fix it.

PLS don't yell at me for not being up to date,  I hate updating.  So now I'm
paying the price.

Tom Fowle WA6IVG

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