On Mon, Aug 26, 2019 at 04:12:53PM -0600, Paul Gilmartin wrote:
> o Some of my folders contain both messages and subfolders.  When
>   I focus on such a folder, <Return> shows me subfolders, not
>   messages.  How can I view the message list, instead/also?
>   (I thought I knew this, long ago, but "?" shows me no such
>   command.)

Press <Space> (view-file).

> o How can I navigate to the parent of a displayed subfolder.
>   Sometimes I see a "../" entry which does this.  Why not
>   always?

Maybe press 1 (jump 1) can show the parent folder?

> I choose to leave everything on the server to be accessible
> on multiple devices with various clients.

Me too.

[To Paul Gilmartin]
I pressed r (reply) instead of L (list-reply) again...
This is an accident...


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