I've some confusion about "read" and "unread" versus "old" and "new".

There are status flags for new and old. Unread messages seem to be new, but if I read a message it doesn't acquire an "(O)ld" flag, though it loses its "(N)ew" flag.

I've skimmed the manual, and i can't see what the criteria are for considering a message New or Old.

What I'm trying to resolve is this:

When I enter a mailbox I want to collapse all the read threads. However, in a mailing list box my own messages land in the box, and they're both New and Unread. So before i collapse the threads-with-no-unread I want to mark all my own messages as read.

It's easy to find these messages, but I can't see how to mark them as "read". I can mark threads and subthreads as read, but not individual messages.

Suggestions anyone?

Cameron Simpson <c...@cskk.id.au>

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