Hi folks,

I'm a UNIX user trying to move from a GUI email ( Thunderbird ) to mutt. However most of company employers are MS Outlook users and, as expected, all them send html emails with tons of awkward stuff like tables, in-line images and meetings appointments .

I'm using vim as editor and a markdown parser ( pandoc ) via macro to compose HTML mail to them ...

macro compose \e5 "F pandoc -s -f markdown -t html \ny^T^Utext/html; charset=utf-8\n"

which works great ( except for in-line images, yet ) for composing, but when replying someone including the sender message at the body of my mail, the things becomes a real mess ... So, what I'm trying to do is :

1 - Find a way to reply messages preserving the sender format ( even when I chose to send my part as plain text ) ;

2 - Avoid the ">" indentation character as much as possible ;

( Probably I'll try to "preprocess" the message before the message come to vim to edit... don't know yet  )

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