On Mon, Oct 21, 2019 at 20:33:35 +0100, Chris Green wrote:
> I removed the apparmor package, and I stopped it using systemd, and I
> rebooted the machine.  I still have the error with evince, so I'm
> pretty convinced it's not to do with apparmor.

I agree that you'd think rebooting the machine after purging the
apparmor package would be enough to disable Apparmor enforcement... but
looking at the version number of the Apparmor package for Disco shown in
(i.e. 2.13.2-9ubuntu6) and then the change history for Apparmor
... it really looks like the "deny ~/.mutt** in private-files"
change is indeed included in the version found in Disco.  

So, while it could be that something else is going on as well, it seems
very likely that Apparmor is at least part of the reason you have been
getting errors when trying to use ~/.mutt for temporary files on
Disco.... and thus probably worth further investigation (especially
since so far no one has proposed any alternative explanations...)

It looks like even with the apparmor package purged you could run
  $ sudo  cat /sys/kernel/security/apparmor/profiles
to see if in fact Apparmor profiles are still loaded.

Also, assuming still have apparmor installed on the other Disco system
where you were seeing this problem, you could also try installing the
apparmor-utils package there (if necessary) and then run something like
  $ sudo aa-complain /usr/bin/evince
to set the mode for that profile to complain-only, and see if that
that makes any difference in the Evince's behavior.


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