I just tried running mutt 'remotely' by mounting ~/.muttrc and my main
mail directory ~/Mail using sshfs and running a local copy of mutt.
This makes handling attachments and HTML E-Mail much faster and easier
than running mutt on the remote system via ssh.

However when I try and save E-Mails into the ~/Mail hierarchy it
complains that it can't lock the mbox file.  I guess that there's some
sort of incompatibility between mutt's default locking method and

Is there anything I can do about this?  I.e. can I build mutt with a
different locking method (or more the point the dotlock program I
suppose) or am I basically stuck?  I know I could move to maildir but
I'd prefer not to really and that would likely slow things down across
an sshfs connection.

Chris Green

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