martin f krafft <> [2019-10-26 11:16 +1300]:


I need to start sending out text/html alternative parts to my messages with
mutt. However, this is a rabbit hole, so if you’re afraid of those, stop
reading now.

My requirements are, in decreasing order of priority:

1. Compatible with all Gmail, Outlook, Hotmail, Apple Mail, Thunderbird, and
   whatever else many people are using these days.
2. Markdown processing of text/plain
3. multipart/alternative result, MIME compliant
4. Attachments
5. Sensible integration with mutt
6. PGP signatures
7. Inline images

and after surveying the field, and spending hours with the solutions I found
during various web searches, I am writing in to you for some feedback, input,
guidance, psycological help, and maybe even some hugs.

A few years back I developed a simple filter that does, more or less,
what you're looking for. I believe it fulfills your first 5
requirements. I've not designed nor tested it with PGP signatures or
inline images.

It serves as a replacement to Mutt's sendmail command, it processes the
text using reStructuredText (that should be easily switched with
markdown), and the result is a multipart/alternative that contains the
original message as text/plain and a text/html.

I don't know how well it complies with standards, and I haven't tested
the resulted mail with all possible email clients. I believe it works
well with Gmail and thunderbird.

If this sounds interesting, you can find it at

Hope it helps,


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