On Wed, Oct 30, 2019 at 11:29:31AM +0000, John Long wrote:
> > I don’t think this is about right and wrong, and not only because
> > there is no objectivity. multipart/alternative is an accepted
> > standard, and so is HTML. You might not like how things have
> > developed, and neither do I, but that doesn’t make it wrong.
> HTML is for web pages. It is wrong for email, yes.

This is just not a supportable position based on anything logical or
evicence-based.  HTML in e-mail has been a de-facto standard for about
as long as most people have been using e-mail (admittedly, much less
true for the folks on this list).  It has almost universal adoption of
native support in almost every e-mail client of note.  Even alpine can
now display HTML mail as plain text natively.  Mutt is the only
laggard in this regard that I am aware of.

A majority of e-mail users PREFER HTML mail.


So I think the notion that HTML mail is wrong is just wrong-headed.  I
certainly have no issue if you want to say you hate it, and I would
sympathize.  But when you say it's wrong... I think you have no leg to
stand on.

> Lots of Microsoft crap seems like an "accepted standard"

This has turned out to be remarkably difficult to prove, but I don't
think HTML mail was invented by Microsoft, or predominated by it.
AFAICT MS didn't even support HTML in e-mail until 1998, and I'm
pretty positive Netscape Mail supported it in its first version,
released the same year.

> Simplicity and constantly adding new features that are inessential are
> at odds with each other. 

This is true and should be considered, but not to the point of leaving
the application functionally incomplete.

> I think it's pretty clear the people who use mutt prefer simplicity
> or they would have chosen something else. 

I think this is totally crazy.  Mutt is anything but simple, from the
user point of view.  It is a beast to configure with a monstrous
learning curve.  Part of what gives it that is the requirement to
configure how to handle even things like HTML mail, which today pretty
much no one would exclude from the idea of what is essential e-mail
functionality.  Everyone, that is, except a subset of Mutt users. =8^)

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