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Mutt runs an external text editor to compose plain text; it could do the same for this -- run some external composition program that would return both HTML and plain text.

There is nothing stopping you from setting `$editor` to a HTML editor, and defining `$content_type` to be `text/html`, and then using Kevin's `multipart/alternative` functionality to generate a `text/plain` part.

The only issue with this approach would be that you'd now have the `text/plain` part after the `text/html`, which means that dumb clients such as Gmail and Outlook and Thunderbird too would actually prefer the plain-text message over the HTML one.

Getting mutt to sort those into order might get really messy though, and while I think it it wouldn't be too hard to ensure that `text/html` always comes after `text/plain`, anything beyond that would require a new command, but `alternative_order` is already taken for something else, and cannot be reused, I don't think.

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