On Sun, Nov 03, 2019 at 07:56:34AM -0500, Mark H. Wood wrote:
I like that Mutt presents emails simply.  It ignores all the fancy
to-the-pixel formatting, pointless images, distracting backgrounds,
and flashing multicolored nonsense.  I find that reading mail with
Mutt is more restful than with other MUAs.  Occasionally I do
encounter a message whose text/plain part says only "you must enable
HTML mail to read this message."  I interpret this as "you do not need
or want to read this message," and I happily hit "d" and move on.

My bank still sends me this in the text/plain part of the message every month:


But yes, I've also learned to ignore it.

Also, I also want to thank you for writing this down. All the reasons why I use mutt boil down to essentially this.


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