* Matthias Apitz <g...@unixarea.de> [11-12-19 15:24]:
> Hello,
> I'm using mutt as well to read/answer mails in my company mail Exchange
> server using IMAP/SMTP. This works mostly fine and as expected. The only
> problem is my large INBOX there, some 2000 mails. On any start or
> connect to the INBOX, mutt fetches all headers to present the list.
> There is no caching of the mails in any database and update the cached
> information off-line.
> >From my Ubuntu smartphone I use Dekko as MUA and this has some daemon in
> the background and a database of the cached headers. I.e. its start is
> fast, while the start of mut takes 2-3 minutes fetching the header.
> Any ideas how to address this?

mutt has header_cache, man muttrc

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