Dear list,

>From time to time I have to answer emails on my phone. But to integrate
these mails I configured the mail user agent on the phone to also copy
messages as BCC when I'm replying from the phone. I read about this
approach somewhere but I cannot find the reference anymore. On my
computer I filter these mails locally to put them in the folder for sent
messages. This way I can see all my sent messages in mutt.
Unfortunately mutt doesn't add the replied message status flag when the
reply mail is added to the sent messages. I thought it would be able to
do this by somehow matching up the Message-ID header and In-Reply-To
header. But maybe it's not mutt jobs but some other tool's.
Do you know of a way to achieve this? Because this way mutt would
indicate to me that I replied to a mail even though I did it on the
phone which is fine for me. I use the Maildir format.
I'm also interested in other approaches to use mutt as the primary mail
user agent but integrating mobile devices somehow. I prefer a setup
where my mail is kept locally on my computer.


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