* Patrick Shanahan <p...@opensuse.org> [12-31-19 08:47]:
> * Chris Green <c...@isbd.net> [12-31-19 08:42]:
> > I run mutt via an ssh connection, i.e. I connect from a terminal
> > window in my laptop (running xubuntu 19.04) to my desktop machine
> > (running xubuntu 19.10) using ssh and then run mutt.
> > 
> > For some reason changing from one mbox to another is slow when I do
> > this, the ssh connection is fast, nothing else slows down and moving
> > around within the mbox is snappy enough, it's just closing one mbox
> > and opening the next that's slow.  Doing exactly the same thing
> > directly in a terminal window on my desktop machine doesn't show the
> > same slowness.  By 'slow' I mean a noticeable delay, probably of the
> > order of a second or two.
> open wireshark and watch your ssh connection.  maybe you will get some
> clues.

fwiw:  I never access mutt directly, but run it on my server inside a tmux
(similar to screen) session and cannot remember ever experiencing what you

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