On Thu, Jan 02, 2020 at 06:31:35PM -0600, Derek Martin wrote:
[snip trace]

> I think this sequence is updating the utimes of your inbox as you're
> leaving it.  At any rate I don't think these snippets have captured
> whatever is slowing you down, and based on what you've said and this
> strace, I think almost certainly whatever it was happened after this.
> Probably immediately after this...  I further suspect that whatever it
> is will not appear to be a pause, but rather Mutt furiously doing...
> something.
Thanks Derek, after thinking about it for a bit I think I sort of came
to the same conclusions as you regarding the delays one can see.  Pity!

> With no evidence whatsoever, my first wild-but-educated guess would be
> that /home/chris/Mail/Li/x2go is a maildir, which has lots of messages
> in it, and Mutt is taking a long time to process it.
No, not a maildir in sight on my system, they're all mbox.

I'll do some more tracing and see if I can see mutt working hard in
any of the more obvious places.  Maybe if I hit keys as fast as I can
so that the waiting for character read() doesn't see any delay I might
be able to see where the time goes.

Chris Green

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