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I want to emulate typing a dozen or so keys into mutt 'automatically'
so my typing doesn't slow things down.  One can't just redirect
standard input because that makes mutt think you want to run in
scripting mode with everything on the command line.

Is there a quick and easy way to do what I want?

Would mutt's "push" command do you? It pushes keystrokes onto mutt's logical keyboard input queue. For example, my muttrc has this:

   folder-hook .         'push ":set collapse_unread=no<enter>"'
   folder-hook .         'push ":set 
   folder-hook .         'push "<collapse-all>"'

to run a set of keyboard based stuff when I enter a folder.

You can bind things like this to a keyboard macro, and my "mboxify" sheel script includes this incantation:

   mutt -n -F /dev/null -f "$mailbox" -e "set sort=mailbox-order; set confirmappend=no; set delete=yes; push 

to copy one mail folder's messages into a plain "mbox" mail folder.

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