* Fred Smith <fre...@fcshome.stoneham.ma.us> [01-21-20 10:59]:
> Hi!
> I've got a mailbox with quite a few msgs in it, some I've never read but
> don't want to delete. All those now  have a status flag of "O", so if I
> enter that mailbox when there are no "N" messages in it, mutt goes to the
> first "O" mail.
> One way I can think of to solve this is to clear all the flags, since in 
> this case I don't care aobut the flags value.
> It looks as if Mutt has facilities that could be used for that, but I
> haven't figured out how to apply them.
> Can someone show me how to do that?
> Thanks in advance.

tag all of the "O" flagged msgs
 "T" will tag a pattern, invoke in directory view, capitol T
 pattern would be: ~O
 invoke action "W" on tagged, :W
 "W" clears flag 

issue clear-flag for the tagged msgs

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