On 2020-02-24, at 14:40:52, Cameron Simpson wrote:
> On 24Feb2020 13:55, Paul Gilmartin wrote:
>> With my failing eyes, I'd like everything high contrast,
>> mostly black on white.
> What's the natural colour scheme of your terminal?
Foreground black; background white.

>> When I do in .mutt/muttrc
>> color normal black white
>> ... I seem to get black on gray.
> Odd. What about other colours than "white", as a test?
E.g. brightyellow works.  brightwhite is whiter than white,
but still somewhat gray.  Is there something like #FFF?
Is there a "realwhite"?

>> When I do:
>> color normal white black
>> ... I get white (or maybe gray) on black.
> What if you switch out "white" for "default"?
Ah!  "color normal    default default" works.  "default" is
whiter than white.  Who woulda thunk it.

Where should I have found this in the Ref.?


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