Pretty sure you're SoL on this one.  Android auto seems to *require* the 
apps to be written to work with it.  I *believe* that the evolution of the 
Android API should make this a relatively easy affair but considering the 
'resource challenged' nature of MLO dev in general, it might not be on top 
of the list.  To wit, we haven't so much as *heard *about Android *Wear* 
and I'd doubt Auto is higher on the prio list than Wear.

Unless there's some kind of an "app wrapper" for Auto that can wrap at 
least the widgets (and a quick G search didn't really turn up anything like 
that), not sure I'd hold out much hope.

Good luck and share anythign you find.

On Wednesday, September 14, 2016 at 8:40:33 AM UTC-4, Dwight Arthur wrote:
> My car offers access to apps on my phone through Android Auto or Apple Car 
> Play. I would love to be able to bring up an MLO to-do list this way, but I 
> understand that it is probably a lot of work and not happening any time 
> soon. So my question is, has anyone got a suggestion of a hack that would 
> allow a to-do list (like, errands to run) to get captured out of MLO and 
> displayed on the car's display via Android Auto or Apple Car Play?

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