I'd thoroughly enjoy being able to create custom task attributes, particulary 
if MLO could do things like add up the numerical ones on the fly, but saying 
GTD is unusable in MLO is more than a bit of a stretch on any platform it's 
presently available on. At base, all you'd need for GTD are separate lists, and 
if you still wanted to group things by project or hierarchy, you can still tag 
anything with any number of contexts you'd like. In GTD terms, those would 
traditionally be things like @home or @work or @wait or @somedaymaybe, none of 
which are very complicated. You can get philosophical about it if you'd like 
and say GTD is a systematic approach of forming habits to externalize 
information to keep it off your mind and trust your decisions and support your 
workflow, but the core of that's always been writing things down, forming good 
habits, and organizing them so you can see it all when you'd like to and not 
see it when you wouldn't like to. GTD is mostly about the user, and any app or 
medium will facilitate it as well as the user uses it.

If you're using the hierarchy features of MLO, which are the main thing MLO 
does, they let you segment things fairly well. If you have a folder for all 
your career stuff, and only want to see things you can do for your career, you 
can focus on that folder. Put all your family stuff in a family folder. Make a 
folder for 'Fun' if you'd like, or 'Productivity' related things like 
processing your inbox, but you can slice and dice things however you'd like in 
its present form. If you want some really complicated view of things, you can 
even save it, if you wanted something like 'I want to see my role as a father, 
which includes my personal chores and anything with my son's name in it and 
happening on the weekends', you can even do that and save it and call it 
something like 'Dad'. If you want to put something on any number of segmented 
lists, you can assign any number of contexts already. It handles all the date 
stuff and sequencing just fine at an infinite level, and even dependencies. 

If you'd like MLO to have better shortcuts, or an updated interface, or 
anything in that vein, that could help make MLO do what it already does more 
efficiently, and would seem to address your current issue. Again, I'd love 
custom task fields, and the ability to modify the Project Status field, and all 
manner of other things, but in your particular case, it seems like MLO can 
already do what you want it to do, and has been able to since may a version 

I think the problem people have that makes them run from app to app when trying 
to 'do' GTD or similar things is that when we finally organize our work and are 
presented with it based on how we organized it, we don't always feel like doing 
the work, and run away from it, blaming the app for the fact that it's shown us 
in very transparent ways that we've mismanaged our commitments, and that life 
is at times hard. I certainly know I've felt that way in the past. I'm writing 
this for anyone else that might be in the same position at the moment, and 
jumping from app to app hoping to save themselves from themselves in search of 
the ever illusive killer feature of having the apps do our work for us. 

I've used a lot of apps. I never found it. I don't think it's there, so I gave 
up and got to work.

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