Hi All,

I'm searching for perfect productivity tool for years now, tried dozens of 
them ranging form workflowy to asana.. 
Some have task hierarchy, some have nice todo view. Some have both, which 
is what I need, MLO is of this rare type. 
But none have really addressed this (rather simple) usecase:

   - Home appliances 
   - Fridge
         - buy
         - install
      - Dishwasher 
         - buy
         - install
Then in today I see (in MLO Android case):

   - buy (appliances)
   - buy (appliances)
   - install (appliances)
   - install (appliances)

Yes I could turn Fridge and Dishwasher to projects or open task info pane. 
But this is very basic thing, why do I need to jump through the hoops?


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