Hi Pottster

That's actually a different issue. We were looking at ways to move the 
'action status' of a task into a new category so as to be able to create a 
new list that is somewhere between "Active/Do ASAP" and  "Someday/Maybe".

Moving the Start Date into the future is semantically different. It means 
"yes I'm going to do it but won't start yet". Where as "Soon/Later" list 
means "I need to look at this again soon to decide whether I want to do it 
or not, but I dont want to lose it in amongst all my Someday/Maybe tasks" !

Re changing the MLO Start Date, pPersonally I'm happy with:

Alt/S followed by a number followed by D for days or H for hours
   Alt/S 3 D
Gives you a start date 3 days into the future

e.g. Alt/S 5 D
Gives you a start date 5 hours into the future

As this helps me think more clearly about exactly when. 

Btw, are you aware of this page?

It was a while ago but I think I created it. Either way feel free to edit 


On Sunday, October 16, 2016 at 6:33:19 AM UTC+1, pottster wrote:
> Hi Dwight,
> Regarding dating/re-dating tasks on desktop...
> CONTROL + (=) for next day
> CONTROL + (-) for previous day
> CONTROL + ALT + (=) for next week
> CONTROL + ALT + (-) for previous week
> [With all the above keep tapping =/- keys to keep adding/reducing]
> Display the Due Date column and right on the task due date for a much more 
> useful context menu for dating.
> On Tuesday, 11 October 2016 18:33:57 UTC+1, Dwight Arthur wrote:
>> John, 
>> I handle the "soon" situation by scheduling the task for tomorrow. My 
>> discipline for myself id that if I have done that twice for a particular 
>> task I will not do it a third time - the task is obviously set up wrong 
>> and should loose its star, or get a lower importance, or change to a 
>> different more accurate context, or get a real start date assigned or 
>> something else like that. 
>> For a task that has no start date or has today's start date this is a 
>> single click on the "next day" link in the timing and reminder section 
>> of task details. For a task that already has a start date a while in the 
>> past, it could take several clicks on "next day" or "next week" 
>> Because it is more clicks on Android I use a different procedure: I have 
>> a task called Wait For Tomorrow with a start date of tomorrow. If I need 
>> to postpone a task for a day I set it to be dependent on "wait for 
>> tomorrow". Every morning the wait for tomorrow task is at the top of my 
>> to-do list: I duplicate it, complete the first copy and set the second 
>> copy to be due tomorrow. Four clicks on MLO/Windows. 
>> -Dwight 
>> On 10/11/2016 12:15 PM, John . Smith wrote: 
>> > SRhyse 
>> > I need to create something half way between "Someday/Maybe" and 
>> "Active" 
>> > (Do ASAP). 
>> > i.e. I need what Nirvana calls a "Later" action status. 
>> > Do you have any suggestions? 
>> > 
>> > To explain, by having Later (i.e. Soon) this allows all your Active 
>> > actions to literally be "Do ASAP" because it allows you to park stuff 
>> on 
>> > a temporary basis, without it getting lost in a sea of "Someday/Maybe" 
>> > tasks. 
>> > 
>> > 
>> > Also I am slightly unclear about how you handle priority. 
>> > I mean in a "flat" system (i.e. without a hierarchy) relative priority 
>> > can easily be handled by using a manual sort. 
>> > 
>> > But in a system where you have what is effectively a mindmap by 
>> subject, 
>> > then this isn't really possible if the hierarchy is still visible. 
>> > 
>> > Obviously one could use the Importance and Urgency fields but that 
>> > always seems to get messy and becomes hard to manage. (I think the 
>> > reason is because one needs relative not absolute priority!) 
>> > 
>> > Cheers 
>> > 
>> > J 
>> > 
>> > 
>> > 
>> > 
>> > 
>> > 
>> > On Wednesday, October 5, 2016 at 5:26:19 PM UTC+1, SRhyse wrote: 
>> > 
>> >     You could easily make a view that shows 'All' things with 'Don't 
>> >     show in Todo'. It'd take 20 seconds if you were being slow. 
>> > 
>> >     I tend to look at contexts on my next action by context list. It 
>> >     shows all next actions grouped by context. Pretty sure that's the 
>> >     name of it, but it's a default view. 
>> > 
>> >     If I 'filter', it's usually through a zoom on a folder or project, 
>> >     and that holds across all views. If you select a task and move 
>> >     between views as well, that task stays selected. 
>> > 
>> >     If you only want to review things at intervals, there is a review 
>> >     area. You can still easily have a folder or number of them as 
>> >     relevant in different areas for 'someday' items, and/or combine 
>> that 
>> >     with 'hide branch in todo' items. If you wanted a bit view of all 
>> >     that, make a view for 'hide in todo' and whatever else makes the 
>> >     folder contents show up. 
>> > 
>> >     This all more or less came back around to 'I want a database field 
>> >     that has a someday status'. If that's the only way you're willing 
>> to 
>> >     do it, then nothing else is going to satisfy you. That seems to be 
>> >     the larger issue, which is one I outlined a long time ago when you 
>> >     started talking about MLO and people felt awkward about it. 
>> > 
>> >     Again, I'd love custom task attributes, and it seems like a good 
>> fit 
>> >     for MLO. Doesn't seem to be the issue here, however. 
>> > 
>> >     Take care John! And good luck tasking and stuff. 
>> > 
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