Hi Dwight

Annoyingly I just lost an in depth reply!

Suffice-it to say that if I hit Alt-F6 a few times and leave the Dependency 
section open and if I then hit tab Once, then focus (blue background) goes 
to the Delay field.  Hitting tab focus is invisible (in theory on Add?) and 
hitting tab twice focus goest onto the Max Time: field within the Effort 
section (if that is open). Hitting tab once again the focus is in theory 
back on Add.

My keyboard (Logitech MK700) it has no Context Menu key. However if I hit 
FN key+"Print Screen" which is supposed to give the Context Menu absolutely 
nothing happens. 

Nor, FWIW, does it if I had hit the Enter key.

[Aside: I have been trying to find a better way to get access to my Context 
Menu (i.e. the menu you get when you right-click) by re-programming the 
keyboard, but to no effect so far. More here: 

This is all becoming insanely hard, no... ?   :^(



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