Hi, MG. I am not sure that I completely understand what you are asking. But I think that you have a view that shows the items you want displayed, and you want to have it grouped by due date. To accomplish this, you would look at the view details in the left sidebar, and find the section called "group and sort". Click on the "group by" button, and in the Group By window that pops up, select "due date".

If this is not what you wanted or if this does not work, please write back and explain. Thanks.


On 10/17/2016 5:37 AM, MG wrote:

Regarding the subject of this post, I would like to know where is the detail 
regarding creation of a Custom view based on dates for the next 7,  or 
whatever, days I define to be filtered, so that it shows the corresponding date 
(grouping the respective tasks for that date, and day of the week).

I mean, in the predefined view "Due Next 7 days" in the grouping by "Due Date" 
we get the date and the day of the week,what I think is good,but when I create a custom view based 
on the same settings  (like coping everything) I do not get the same visualization.


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