>From the perspective of an enthusiastic user of other "dead" PIM programs 
of the past, most notably Ecco Pro, a great outliner-based PIM program...
When I put my life and information and plans and schemes and goals into a 
program like MLO, the last thing I want is for the company producing that 
software to go belly-up.
MLO cloud fees are a small price to pay for being able to count on having 
the features of this awesome program available year after year.

For example, Google sells advertising.  That's their business model.  They 
can afford to "give away" things that help their business model, or give 
them a competitive advantage that leads people to the part of the business 
where they make money. At last check MLO was not in the business of selling 
ads, just the business of providing great personal productivity software on 
PC, Mac, and mobile platforms.  How else can MLO stay in business and pay 
their developers if they can't make money somewhere?  I guarantee you don't 
want to be a loyal user of a dead program from a company that no longer 
exists.  MLO's cloud fees are reasonable enough.  Servers and bandwidth and 
people and systems to monitor them and keep them up aren't free, so MLO has 
an expense to cover in providing the service.  MLO even provides us a way 
to sync over WiFi and other options so we are not "forced" to use the cloud 
service.  However, being able to use cloud sync is such a big productivity 
booster, to me it's worth paying a few bucks every year or two.

It's a small price to pay to ensure the ongoing viabiity of a program whose 
primary agenda is to help US be more productive, without us being funneled 
and forced into other agendas like happens with Google, Microsoft, Apple, 
Amazon, etc.  Don't get me wrong, I love and use products from all those 

P.S. I'm hoping before long their might even be a "skill" developed for 
Amazon Echo so that "Alexa, add a task to my to-do list, buy my girlfriend 
a Seattle Sounders jersey for Christmas", and have that task added to my 
*MLO* to-do list, instead of the lame Amazon Echo one.  Oh yes, and "Alexa, 
add a task to buy tickets to MLS Cup at 7 pm pacific time tomorrow".  

On Saturday, November 19, 2016 at 3:51:30 PM UTC-8, MG wrote:
> Andrey,
> I guess I was misunderstood.
> I did not meant that MLO would have to be free at all but, only the cloud 
> sync service.
> I do not agree of free app or whatever product, and regarding MLO would 
> not be too, since it is a good app.
> But regarding the cloud sync service, what is the main reason to keep it 
> under charge?
> I think MLO Team would have to reconsider this issue, since those who 
> bought the app or the windows version would have this cloud sync for free, 
> in my opinion.
> Because this subscriptions works like a limitation for the app in everyday 
> usage.
> MG

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