WiFi sync is effectively client-to-client local sync only. It doesn't 
require internet connection as you effectively mirror the database contents 
on two devices.Obviously it also means that those two devices need to be in 
the same WiFi network. That way you can e.g. sync your mobile with your PC 
being at home. However, the moment you leave home, you can't sync it 
anymore as you're getting out of your WiFi network range.
Yet, if you want to be able to sync your MLO files wherever you are (well, 
any place with internet connection available), then you need a cloud sync, 
as in that solution sync is run over the web.
Hope it's clear :).

On Friday, January 13, 2017 at 10:08:29 AM UTC+1, irene.y...@gmail.com 
> Well, this might be a silly questions. LOL 
> Does WIFI Sync means, my MLO will sync as long as I got WIFI?
> Cloud Sync means that even if there is no WIFI, my MLO on difference 
> device can still Sync?
> Could anybody help?
> Thanks! 

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