Well 4 years have passed so I thought I'd once again try out the latest MLO 
demo and see how things have developed, and while things have clearly come 
a long way there doesn't seem to be any change with regard to the issue of 
navigating via keystrokes, which I raised in 2013 (quoted below). Back 
then, people seemed to be split 50/50 on which behaviour was preferable, 
and so a preference setting seemed to be a good solution in this case.

My comparison below (in bold) between the behaviour of the task tree in 
MLO, and the behaviour of the folder tree in pretty much any file explorer 
pretty much sums up the difficulty that I have with MLO's approach.

Is this issue on the developer's radar at all or is the current behaviour 
not considered problematic to anyone else?


On Monday, July 1, 2013 at 3:38:28 AM UTC+12, Gabe wrote:
> Hi, I'm an existing user of the excellent MLO Light, and have been 
> spending a bit of time trying out MLO4, but have encountered a usability 
> issue with this newer version, with regard to navigating through the 
> outline using the keyboard. I'm wondering whether it is by design or not, 
> as I can't find an option to disable it. Thanks if anyone can help point me 
> to a setting I've overlooked! :)
> Let's say I press the A key repeatedly. As expected, it cycles through all 
> tasks that starts with the letter A, allowing me to quickly jump between 
> them.  However, it now drills down through collapsed subtasks that also 
> start with A means that a lot of completely irrelevant subtasks are 
> revealed, when I'm only pressing A to be able to quickly jump to another 
> task that I can see at the root level of the outline.
> For example:
>    - Some task
>    - A task starting with A
>    - Collapsed branch
>    - Some concealed subtask 
>    - Some other concealed subtask
>             - Some other concealed subtask
>                - Another subtask starting with A, that I don't need to 
>                see because its tree is collapsed.
>             - Another task starting with A
> So in an outline like the one above, I would expect that pressing A twice 
> would jump me first to "A task starting with A" and then to "Another task 
> starting with A". But instead the second keypress expands an irrelevant 
> branch that I have deliberately collapsed, and drills all the way down 
> because there is a task buried within it which starts with A.  So my nice, 
> compact manageable outline has suddenly been expanded to show a bunch of 
> distracting tasks that I don't need to see, simply because they start with 
> the same character. I can't see any advantage to this, as I would just use 
> the search box if I wanted to locate a specific string in a concealed 
> subtask.
> The beauty of an outliner of course is that you only see what you need to, 
> but this is compromised when keyboard navigation behaves in this way. *I'll 
> make an analogy with Windows Explorer - if I were to press A in the Folders 
> pane, it would only cycle through visible folders that started with A, not 
> subfolders that were buried within other collapsed folders, as there would 
> be far too many to cycle through. The same is true when dealing with a very 
> large outline; it quickly becomes unmanageable to navigate in this way.*

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