adding a +1 for a sync between Calendar apps (Google and/or Apple) and MLO.

I use android and my Google Calendar is what I use to run my life.

However, I like to use MLO for my plans, goals and things to do, including 
scheduling when I start these things and when they are due.

Having 2 apps to do all this just doesn't work.  It's inefficient and 
things get lost between the 2.

There is a sync between MLO (desktop) and Outlook, however this comes with 
all sorts of other problems, mainly because of Outlook.  I still can't get 
the Calendar sync with Google to work reliably.  

The 2 key calendar & task cloud platforms are Google and iOS.  MLO already 
has a cloud sync and Outlook sync.  When can we have a sync for Tasks for 
Google and iOS?

On Monday, 3 July 2017 19:26:02 UTC+10, Damo Skees wrote:
> I've been trying for years, but much as I love MLO, the one thing I have 
> trouble doing is scheduling my tasks.
> I know that GTD preaches against this, and I know that many productivity 
> coaches also advise against scheduling tasks. I admit that I'm still 
> terrible at completing a task in the calendar even if I do schedule it, but 
> at least it's there, and it's a motivator.
> There are a few things that keep failing me on MLO / GTD that scheduling 
> would help:
> - Planning - I can't plan a series of tasks for a due date - eg. report 
> due end of week, and five subtasks across the week.
> - Overbooking - every time I get an organisational spurt, I start planning 
> out several goals for the week - invariably I overbook myself, fail to 
> complete each day, become demoralised, and just fall further back as the 
> week progresses
> - Reporting - If someone asks me "what are you doing on Thursday", GTD 
> (and MLO) doesn't give me visibility that I'll be really busy then, because 
> I have deliverables on Friday. There's just a collection of tasks between 
> now and then, with no depiction of how to space them out
> - Modifying dates - Probably the reason for not scheduling tasks, is that 
> you then spend hours re-scheduling them! It's clunky in almost every to-do 
> app - manually changing a date/time without being able to see the calendar 
> underneath it. It should really be drag'n'drop.
> What I would really like, is to be able to *have scheduled tasks appear 
> in my calendar!*
> More than that - I would like to be able to *drag'n'drop* them around in 
> my calendar!
> So the flow would go something like this (and in *Gqueues*, below, it 
> does):
> - I look at my calendar for the week in my native calendar application (I 
> use MacOS ical / IOS Calendar)
> - On it, in a different colour (different Google sub-calendar, for 
> example), are some tasks I scheduled for a deliverable for end of month
> - I check my next 2-3 days, and drag them around to better fit any new 
> meetings.
> - The changes are synced back to MLO, and I check in the main projects to 
> see what that does to the due dates for each
> - I'm looking overbooked, so I postpone an internal project to next week, 
> and advise my boss
> - As the day goes on, I drag, extend, etc. these scheduled tasks in ical 
> or calendar as things change
> - As always, if my boss asks me for the forecast on a project, I can look 
> at the project view and see all the dates as I currently have them
> The trick is syncing to the native calendar app. Rather than spend huge 
> effort designing a calendar UI, interaction, etc. - why not just design an 
> API that talks to CalDAV, iCal, etc which is two-way?
> I've found three apps that do this so far:
> - Asana <https://asana.com/guide/help/views/calendar> - Big Heavyweight, 
> but not great in this feature.  Tasks can only be given a date, not a time, 
> so they appear as 'all day'. The ICS feed to iCAL is one way, so you can 
> view tasks in a particular day, but not move them around - you have to go 
> back to Asana for that. But they do have their own calendar view, where you 
> can drag/drop.
> - Todoist 
> <https://support.todoist.com/hc/en-us/articles/208789889-Using-Todoist-with-your-Calendar>
> - Also apparently claim to have implemented calendar view and two-way sync 
> in the calendar. I've not tested it yet. The two-way sync only works with 
> Google Calendar 
> <https://support.todoist.com/hc/en-us/articles/115003128085%5C>, for 
> others it's one-way
> - Gqueues <https://www.gqueues.com/help/calendarIntegration> - This is 
> the one I'm currently testing. Again, it does permit native two-way sync in 
> iCal, and it's very quick as well.
> I've been using GQueues, and the UX is as I'd like. Whether it actually 
> helps me meet deadlines, is something I'm currently testing.
> But - MLO is so good in so many other ways. I would really like to have 
> this feature in MLO - perhaps as a checkbox on a task for 'schedule task', 
> to flag that it should sync to the calendar. MLO already has cloud sync, so 
> perhaps a calendar sync could be built as an API from it?
> Damo

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