OK but how do you come with the fact that when the tabs are pinned you can 
no longer see their names?


On Sunday, February 4, 2018 at 1:16:04 AM UTC, KC wrote:
> Hi there,
> Pin the tabs and then the little (x) will be gone, the tabs will become a 
> smaller size but my experience is that this way will serve your purpose.
> Regards,
> KC
> On Friday, February 2, 2018 at 12:34:06 PM UTC+8, John . Smith wrote:
>> Hello 
>> Is there any way to stop a Tab from being closed WITHOUT locking it?
>> Background
>> If you are changing between Tabs by clicking on Tab names, it's all too 
>> easy to accidentally click on the little (x) at the right of each tab and 
>> thereby close the tab by mistake.
>> One way to stop this happening is to tick "Lock default in this tab". 
>> However, if you do this it becomes impossible to change your filtering on a 
>> temporary basis, and if you try to do so MLO will instantly create a new 
>> Tab and take you there. And if you're not careful, pretty soon you have far 
>> too many Tabs.  
>> e.g. I find it quite useful to open up a Tab and leave the filters on the 
>> left pane on the screen open and to step through the Contexts one at a time 
>> (e.g. by using the arrow keys). 
>> This works well, but if you don't want to be awash with new Tabs, (as 
>> above) you should only do this if your tab is NOT locked. And if it IS 
>> unlocked then (as above) it is annoyingly easy to accidentally close the 
>> Tab. If you have saved the View that your Tab is using then you can, of 
>> course, recreate the Tab as it was, but it's a fiddly, confusing, waste of 
>> time to do so.
>> J

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