No. I instead of taking you to the task in your current viewt, it puts you 
to the very top task of the entire view! That does not help me work through 
my list from the current position.

So far the best I can do is 
1. Use my mouse to carefully left-click on the task that is about to 
2. Without moving the mouse, use the keyboard to change the Start Date  
(e.g. Alt+S, 3 D [Enter]  )
==> The task now disappears from the view
==> The next task should come up the page into its place
3. Without moving the mouse, left-click again 

This works but it's fiddly and requires concentration. And it slows one 
down because anything to do with using the mouse slows one down.  Plus too 
much mouse use gives me RSI.


On Thursday, February 8, 2018 at 2:15:08 AM UTC, grizz wrote:
> Hi,
> not directly to next task but, you can use alt+1 and then arrow down.
> Regards,
> ― grizz 
> W dniu środa, 7 lutego 2018 13:50:26 UTC+1 użytkownik John . Smith napisał:
>> Hello
>> When you are in an Active view, after you have just made a task no longer 
>> Active, without using my mouse, how do you get focus on to the next task 
>> in your list?
>> Background
>> When looking at an "Active tasks" view, I am in the habit of "kicking 
>> tasks into the future" using just the keyboard. For example I might move 
>> the Start Date 3 days into the future by doing Alt/S 3 D.  This works well.
>> My problem is that when I do this, the current task (quite correctly) 
>> disappears from current view and this means that no task on the current 
>> view is selected.  Whereas my workflow is that I am working my way down my 
>> list of tasks, and so what I want to happen is to go to the NEXT task in my 
>> list. 
>> Is there any way to go to the *next* task in my list just by using my 
>> keyboard?
>> Cheers
>> J

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