I have discovered 
   [Alt]+[2], [Tab] 
==> gives focus to Importance in the righ hand pane.  At this point you can 
use [up_arrow] [right_arrow] [down_arrow] [left_arrow]
but it only increments Importance by 1 unit (out of a max of 200).

Rather surprisingly you can keep Importance having focus by then using 
either control+arrowkey  or Alt+arrowkey, to move between successive tasks 
WITHOUT losing focus on the Importance field. 

This is definitely quite cool, although I would much prefer to use the 
increment that the Importance popup field gives you.
i.e. Importance = 150 for  "more", "175" for "a lot", "200" for "max" etc.

So (to repeat) is there any way to either 
A) Get the popup that appears when your right-click on the Importance field 
column in the middle of the page?
B) Get the Importance in the left hand pane (under the General section) to 
increment by same coarse amounts that you get when using the popup? ...That 
I just mentioned in "A)" 



On Saturday, 10 February 2018 10:36:45 UTC, John . Smith wrote:
> Hello 
> Is there a hotkey to make Importance pop up? IE as if you had 
> right-clicked on the Importance column of your current task?
> Cheers
> J

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