Thanks for the update :)

Quick question. I've got 2 days left of my trial and I already know I'm 
going to purchase MLO, because I think it's amazing. My question is... is 
there a set period after purchase where if you release a new version we 
might get the update at no charge? I recognize that you guys give updates 
at a discount for current users, which is awesome. But if I pay for the Pro 
license in two days, I will I then have to drop more money if you roll out 
the new version a couple weeks later?  

On Thursday, February 8, 2018 at 12:42:51 AM UTC-5, Alyona (MLO Support) 
> Dear users,
> Since we have been receiving lots of questions about the date of new 
> MLO/Windows v.5 release we want to update you on its status. 
> Our great team of beta testers has reported several major bugs and it 
> would be disrespectfully and unprofessionally on our part to give you 
> access to the product that is not ready yet and needs to be finalized. So, 
> we are fixing those bugs now and will release the new version as soon as 
> possible. You will be informed at once, of course.
> Thank you for your patience.

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