I'm not sure I understand the problem.

For any given task, there are really 3 options:
A) you want that task to appear only during business hours
B) you want that task to appear only outside of business hours (e.g. only 
during the evenings)
C) you want that task to appear at any time

Presumably, you want "Call Friend A" to appear during the evenings too... 
but during business hours do you want "Call Friend A" showing up or not?

If you don't mind "Call Friend A" showing up as well as the @BizHours task 
it's a simple problem.

If you create a context called say @BizHours, and make it set to be "Open" 
only during the working hours you require, then you can create an Advanced 
rule to say:

    (Contexts contains (consider open/closed state) @BizHours) OR 
    (Contexts does not contains @BizHours)

==> Tasks without @BizHours will now be visible at any time, but only 
during business hours will @BizHours tasks  appear. 

However, if during business hours you do NOT want those tasks which do not 
have @BizHours set to appear, but you do want them to appear during the 
evening, that's harder. And I don't know how to do that. 

...Unless of course you set up another time-sensitive context called say 
@EveningsOnly.... (Fwiw, you could create this by duplicating @BizHours, 
changing its name and inversing the opening hours)

In which case you could set up 
    (Contexts contains (consider open/closed state) @BizHours) OR 
    (Contexts contains (consider open/closed state) @EveningOnly) OR 
    (Contexts does not contain @BizHours) AND
    (Contexts does not contain @EveningOnly)

During business hours the @BizHours would appear
During evening hours the @EveningOnly tasks would appear
Tasks which have neither set would appear at any time.

...which tends to be what I personally want.

Yes as Olivier says using "Area of Life" folders solves *most* of this 
problem because you can zoom in to the business area during the day and a 
personal area during the evening. BUT for me I do sometimes get cross-over. 
i.e. I do get some items which where I need to make personal calls during 
the day or business calls during the evenings.

On Sunday, February 18, 2018 at 3:52:49 PM UTC, Rohan M wrote:
> Hi,
> I have setup two contexts - 'Phone call' and 'Business Hours'
> Let's say I have 2 tasks -
> Call FriendA (Contexts: Phone call)
> Call Client1 (Contexts: Phone call; Business hours)
> I want to be able to setup a view called "Phone calls" in which I would 
> see all phone calls, but only see the 'Business hours' phone calls if it is 
> actually business hours.
> I have set the hours for the 'Business hours' context appropriately.
> In my 'Phone call' view, I have set the rule - "Contexts contains Phone 
> call"
> But what rule can I set to essentially say "but also match the hours of 
> the 'business hours' context"?????
> Initially I had two phone call contexts - 'Phone call' and 'Phone call 
> (business hours)', and in this setup, the rules are very easy to 
> configure.  But I found that I wanted to extend the 'business hours' 
> concept to other views.
> For example, I have a 'Today' view with various criteria to show tasks. 
> But on that list of tasks there is now "Deposit <client> cheque", so it 
> would be really great to only be able to see that task during business 
> hours and not say, on the weekend when I can't do it.
> What I am hoping to avoid is having to setup two contexts for every 
> context (ie. a normal one, and a 'business hours' one)
> Thank you,
> Rohan

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